The Communicator
The Communicator
  March 1, 2009 

Communicating Tip: Using Audio and Video Online

The use of streaming audio and video on websites is expanding as more and more users upgrade to higher Internet connectivity speeds.  Your site can easily stream a wide variety of audio and video, focusing on...

Educational Audio Hospice Brochure

Adding streaming audio and video is easy!  You can use a recording device with your computer to create a casual, person-to-person type video.  Or, perhaps your company has audio or video content that was created for another purpose.  You can also contract with a videographer or voice talent to create a professional level video or audio piece.  The level of production required depends on the type of audio/video desired and your goals.  Our team is available to visit with you about your goals, and the possible use of IlluminAge content, such as the educational hospice brochure, to support your streaming audio and video needs.

Tell us what you think about audio and video online!  Make suggestions for future audio files. Visit the IlluminAge Blog.



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Communicating Tip: Using Audio and Video Online
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