The Communicator
The Communicator
  May 1, 2009 

Now More Than Ever...

It’s the health topic that’s taken the media and the public by storm: H1N1 and the threat of pandemic flu. While our Break the Chain staff education video (available on DVD and VHS) was completed last year—before the emergence of H1N1—it covers the background information and personal precautions care workers and family caregivers must be familiar with and put into practice on a daily basis.

“Whether it’s H1N1 Flu or seasonal influenza, taking the recommended precautions and following best practices can make the difference between illness and health. This is especially important in caring for vulnerable populations such as the elderly or those with underlying chronic disease,” said Dennis Kenny, President of Illuminage.

Visit our website to view an excerpt from the video.

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Now More Than Ever...

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