The Communicator
The Communicator
  August 1, 2010 

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If you are on Facebook, we’d love to have you “friend” us! Just visit our Facebook page and click the thumbs-up “like” button! We love to share updates and interesting items about the IlluminAge team, the communications world, aging news and other topics of interest to us and our friends. Here’s what might appear in your Facebook news feed from time to time:

Tips about communicating with seniors, family caregivers and referral sources. Senior-focused communication is what we’re all about, and our team loves to share and discuss the latest trends. Co-founders Dennis and Diane Kenny have had their fingers on the pulse of the field for 21 years now, and Director of Marketing Connie Parsons shares ideas for maximizing the impact of your communication program—keeping in mind the concerns of the budget-conscious senior care market.

Aging and senior care updates: Our senior editor Joyce Remy researches hundreds of government, university, healthcare association and other news sources every week to
Web designer Christian Halsell and wife Melissa just welcomed their new daughter, Camryn. See our Facebook page for more!
keep us up-to-date on healthy aging, eldercare and family caregiving. She shares interesting—and sometimes surprising—news items on our Facebook page, and we would love to hear your thoughts and comments. For example: what do you think about a new study suggesting that bifocals are a fall risk? Do you agree with the recent New York Times article about the “five-star” nursing home rating system? If you serve seniors with dementia, have you tried music therapy?

Put faces with names: Take a peek at what the IlluminAge team is doing. Web designer Judah Stevenson is taking kayak lessons! Web designer Christian Halsell just had his second baby last week, and senior web designer Aaron Howard isn’t far behind, being an expectant dad himself. And marketing and communications specialist Therese Frare was recently recognized by Life Magazine for a groundbreaking set of photographs.

Check out links to free IlluminAge information resources. Learn about the live and archived Healthy Aging Briefing presentations, new IlluminAge articles in the Aging in Stride Bi-Monthly eNews, reminders about the latest issue of the Communicator and more.

If you’re not on Facebook, maybe it’s time to join! We’d love to be your first friend.


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