The Communicator
The Communicator
  April 1, 2004 

Introducing "Aging In Stride"


Caresource is pleased to present its new publication, Aging in StrideAging in Stride is a practical, easy-to-understand guide to successful, healthy aging and effective eldercare. Topics covered include: 

  • What choices and factors will most contribute to my health, independence, and happiness as I age?
  • How do Medicare and Social Security work? 
  • What types of advanced planning should I be thinking about? 
  • What diet and forms of exercise will help me age well? 
  • What should I know about the network of senior services in my community? 
  • How can I reduce my risks of a fall or an accident, whether I'm at home, out and about, or driving a car?
  • What should my family and I know about working together on the issues that concern us?

Aging in Stride is designed to fill the tremendous need that exists today for practical, easy-to-understand information on what it really means to age successfully. Aging in Stride is co-authored by three experts on aging and eldercare, each with a different focus: a physician, a minister and family counselor, and a lawyer.

Aging in Stride has been identified by professionals in the aging community as the book to have on aging.  The book has support from the American Society on Aging, Easter Seals, the SPRY Foundation, the Society for Healthcare and Consumer Advocacy, PartnerShips for Aging, the American Academy of Physician Assistants, and many state healthcare and senior living associations.  Responses from professionals in the community include:

"Comprehensive, well organized, and easy to use.  A book older persons and their families will trust and turn to over and over again." - T. Franklin Williams, M.D., former director of the National Institute on Aging

"Reading Aging in Stride is like having an important conversation with a wise friend.  It is an excellent book - remarkable for its range of topics, the quality of its advice, and its clarity of writing." - Robert L. Kahn, Ph.D., Co-author, Successful Aging

The book's 368 pages are organized into 45 separate issue discussions, each followed by a list of additional resources, plus a collection of 26 forms to help gather and organize information and plan for the future.  Aging in Stride also includes an online Reader Support Center at  Readers can browse and select any of the online resources listed in the book, and can also print out any of the book's 26 forms for their own use.

Aging in Stride answers the big questions, easing the stresses of aging for individuals and their families.  It is an important and much needed resource for our communities as our population continues to grow older and live longer.  Aging in Stride is available for $24.95 at or by calling 1-800-448-5213 and will be available in bookstores May 2004.


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Introducing "Aging In Stride"
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