The Communicator
The Communicator
  June 1, 2004 

Introducing "Smart Move"


New Video Training Program on Resident Transfers

Caresource is pleased to introduce Smart Move!, our new video training program for promoting safe resident transfer. The program is designed to reach everyone who is involved in resident transfer, and includes three videotapes:

Resident Transfers: Making Sure Your Workers Do Them Right
For owners and administrators; Directors of Nursing; Safety Committees

Resident Transfers: Your Role in Doing Them Right
For all frontline workers

Resident Transfers: What Residents and Their Families Should Know
For residents and their families

Each tape is geared toward the appropriate audience, to ensure that all involved are educated on the issues involving safe resident transfer that are relevant to them.

The Smart Move! 3-videotape package also includes a 16-page Presenter's Guide, containing:

  • checklist for developing and maintaining a safe resident transfer program
  • resource list
  • staff education and presentation outline
  • employee post test
  • staff education Wordfind
  • handout for residents and family
  • complimentary reprint of OSHA's Guidelines for Nursing Homes Ergonomics for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders

The message for your residents and family members is both reassuring and empowering. It will...

ake the mystery and surprise out of transfer procedures and gear.
mpower residents to play a role in their own transfers.
emind family viewers how they can help.

For more information on Smart Move! please visit the online Caresource video training library.

Smart Move! is available at the introductory price of $199 through September 30, 2004.  Click here to order, or call 1-800-448-5213 to order your copy today.

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Introducing "Smart Move"
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