The Communicator
The Communicator
  June 1, 2004 

Web Focus: Maintenance Schedule


Our Caresource web team has been very happy with the reliability of our server, which is stationed at a state-of-the-art secure location. Caresource websites are up and running virtually 24/7. Our power backup system (six multi-megawatt generators that can run at capacity for weeks with emergency refueling as needed) is designed to withstand natural and manmade power interruptions.

However, you may occasionally experience a short interruption in service, and I would like to explain to you the maintenance procedures that might result in your site being briefly offline. (As a rule, these procedures are scheduled for the middle of the night, during lowest traffic periods, and we will give you advance notice.)

Installation of the latest security patches and updates to protect from viruses, hackers, etc.

In these days when even government and Microsoft's site can be compromised by "cyber bad guys," we're proud of our record of keeping Caresource sites secure. Security installations are normally done in the middle of the night, but an emergency might rarely occur during the day well worth the brief downtime to avoid the damage and headaches that going unprotected could potentially cause.

Routine new software installation

To keep your site looking and running at its best, we regularly install backup drives, software updates, virus software, etc., which needs to be done while your site is offline (normally at night).

Emergency reboot if the performance level of the server drops dramatically

Occasionally an unexpected server glitch occurs which slows loading time, necessitating a full reboot. Your site is normally up within 10 minutes, back at the normal loading speed.

Maintenance windows normally last no longer than half an hour usually less and in most cases occur only a few times a year. Our goal is to minimize any downtime your site experiences. When maintenance is scheduled, we'll notify you in advance.

If you find that your website is unexpectedly down, please contact me right away at


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