The Communicator
The Communicator
  February 1, 2005 

Your Website: The Importance of Changing Content


Changing content is an important part of your online strategy, and can be easily accomplished by any organization. Although getting around to developing your website in the first place may have seemed like enough work, the job of being in good communication with your target market is never really done.

Why is changing content so important? Changing content adds value to your website that encourages visitors to return. Your website can be like a brochure,which an interested person picks up and reads through one time.  But it's an even better tool if it functions more like a newspaper, a publication that interested parties return to again and again for up-to-date information.  The interested parties may be your clients...potential clients...their families...or your referral sources.  No matter who your visitors are, it's best to provide them with information that they value.

Changing content also supports search engine optimization.  If the content on your website changes regularly, search engines will index your site more often, sometimes several times per month. This keeps your site's ranking current among search engines.

Which content should change? Facts about your organization should be updated as soon as possible. This may include staff changes, service changes, address, phone number, etc.  Setting a policy on which standard content to change on a regular basis is the best way to encourage repeat usage from interested individuals, and may even encourage other websites to link to your website as a resource for their own visitors.  Linking helps your site in two ways it increases your search engine ranking, and it allows another website to in effect act as a referral source to your website.

What is your audience interested in? 

The content you change also depends on your audience's needs.  If you operate a senior care community or adult day health care center, or an association with educational opportunities, visitors will be interested in a calendar of events.  Most organizations could benefit by publishing an online newsletter. Is your target market in search of new information?  Give them articles or links to new research. Do you offer products and services? Your website visitors will be interested in new items and specials.

Changing content can be as easy as you make it.  First, decide what is important to your audience.  Establish a person in your organization to be responsible for this content, and a frequency for changing the content that works for you.  Once a system is established, changing the content on your website is an easy way to support your overall marketing program.

If you would like assistance with establishing changing content items on your website, please contact Connie Parsons at 800-448-5213 or Caresource is happy to support your website service needs.

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Your Website: The Importance of Changing Content
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