The Communicator
The Communicator
  January 1, 2006 

Security Update: New Web Server and Off-Site Backup Location


During January, Caresource will be upgrading its website server capabilities. This upgrade will provide expanded capacity and a state of the art operating system.

Caresource remains committed to ensuring security and reliability to our web hosting clients. Our server is co-located at an off-site secure building three blocks from our offices, and is backed up nightly. Our backup will now be downloaded to and stored at a secure location 45 miles away from where the server is located. This means faster, more reliable resumption of service in the event of a catastrophic event occurring to the building or in the area where our web server is located.  No one likes to think of contingencies on the scale of Katrina or 9/11, but we fully understand the importance of being prepared, just in case.

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Security Update: New Web Server and Off-Site Backup Location
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