The Communicator
The Communicator
  January 1, 2006 

Traffic Reports


Many website clients who have their hosting with Caresource have already received phone calls from me regarding the review of their website traffic reports. While real-time traffic reports are always available to our clients, phone consultations are a customer service that Caresource would like to provide to each client once a year. During this phone call we will:

  1. review your website's traffic for the previous three months
  2. analyze how that traffic is for your business and the market it operates in
  3. discuss ways that we might work with you to make your website traffic better.

Website traffic reports are an important piece of your website communications strategy. Your website traffic report will tell you:

  • the number of visitors to your site
  • how long visitors spend on your site
  • which pages of your site they visit
  • files that they download (e.g., PDFs or Word documents)
  • what search words and phrases they used to locate your site
  • from which site your visitors came

The traffic report is a powerful website analysis tool that will give you the above information plus!  But, as with any analysis, it doesn't help if you do not review it. We will work with you to review your website traffic and to think of ways to make your website an event stronger part of your marketing and communications program.

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