Seniors Digest
Seattle-King County Edition
  December 10, 2011 

Save on Cable, Internet, and Phone Bills

The Seattle Office of Cable Communications can help Seattle residents obtain discounts on your cable television service. The discount is available to low income seniors, persons with disabilities, and residents of subsidized housing.

Income requirements apply. Generally, your household income must be less than 70 percent of the Washington State median income. As an example, to be eligible a family of four must have combined household monthly income of less than $4,813. The discount is approximately $4.00 per month. If you are interested in the cable discount, contact Brenda Tate at 206-386-0070.

The cable discount does not apply to Internet or phone service; however, Broadband companies such as Comcast and CenturyLink have Internet discount programs. You can contact them directly to see if you are eligible.

For discounts on your telephone service, you may be eligible under the State of Washington's Telephone Assistance Program (TAP). Adult customers qualify if they receive ongoing cash, food, or medical assistance from DSHS. For more information about TAP eligibility, call 1-888-700-0880 (toll-free).

Note: Non-Seattle residents should contact the utilities directly to request information about discounts for seniors and/or low-income households.


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