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  October 1, 2008 

Exercise: the Best Prescription

Woman on treadmill with water bottle

There is no such thing as a "miracle drug"—but a good pair of exercise shoes might just be the closest thing!
When we were kids, Mom shooed us out the door, saying "Go get some exercise!" Our school gym teacher put us through the ritual of jumping jacks and all those laps around the field. At our annual physical, the doctor’s pen is poised above that lifestyle checklist as she says, "Exercise?" and we try to figure out how much exaggeration we can get away with.

Yes, we've been told our whole lives that exercise is good for us—but often, it falls to the bottom of our "to do" list. However, these days it is harder and harder to ignore the steady barrage of scientific research that continues to emphasize the vital role of physical activity in healthy aging.

Here is just a small sampling of studies from the past six months that further document the multiple ways exercise and health are related:

What does all this science mean to you? It means that no matter what your age, no matter what your physical condition, increasing your level of physical activity pays off in so many ways. It turns out that Mom, the gym teacher and your family doctor all knew best!

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