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  January 1, 2011 

Transportation Voucher Program in Jefferson County

Woman using wheelchair liftBeginning in December 2010, KIPDA is implementing a transportation voucher program in Jefferson County. The voucher program assists seniors (age 60 and older) to obtain and pay for transportation to medical appointments, including trips to doctor appointments, medical treatments, lab work, and ongoing treatments such as dialysis.

Clients participating in the voucher project are responsible for identifying the individual who will provide transportation. The transportation provider can be informal—a neighbor, friend, etc.—or a commercial or public transportation provider.

The vouchers can be used to reimburse a transportation provider for trips to non-emergency medical appointments only. Trips for other purposes will not be reimbursed.

If you are interested in participating in the transportation voucher program, please call KIPDA at 266-5571.



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