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  April 1, 2008 

Help Passport Advantage Members Avoid Unknowingly Losing Their Membership

Recently, many of our Passport Advantage members have unknowingly lost their membership because of misleading information provided by other Medicare Advantage (MA) plan representatives.

These members have been told they can join another MA plan for medical coverage, and keep Passport Advantage for prescription drug coverage. This is not true.

Man talking on telephoneTo assist Passport Advantage members who wish to remain enrolled, please note the following:

  • Like all Medicare members, Passport Advantage members are free to choose the plan they want.
  • The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) will disenroll a member from Passport Advantage if the member signs up with another Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan.
  • Members cannot get prescription drug coverage (Part D) from Passport Advantage and receive medical coverage (Parts A & B) from another plan.

Most importantly, we want to make sure Passport Advantage members receive the medical care and medications they need.

Passport Advantage members get all the health care they need for $0 monthly premium and no hidden copays as long as they are an active Passport Health Plan (Medicaid) member:

  • Part A (hospital stays)
  • Part B (doctor visits)
  • Part C (Medicare Advantage, like Passport Advantage)
  • Part D (prescription drugs)
  • No need to enroll in a supplemental or secondary Medicare Advantage plan

We would appreciate your assistance with spreading this important information to Passport Advantage members. If you have questions, or know members who have accidentally disenrolled from Passport Advantage, please contact us at (502) 585-7965 or 1-800-578-0603, ext. 7965.


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