What's New in SLU?
What's New in SLU?
  December 21, 2005 

Denny Park Play Space


The South Lake Union Area Schools Coalition, formed last June as way for area schools to play a larger role in SLU neighborhood planning and advocacy, is off to a fast start.


The group quickly identified Denny Park as underdeveloped to meet the needs of the community for safe public gathering spaces. Joining together with neighborhood churches, the Low Income Housing Institute, Real Change, SLUFAN, and others, the Schools Coalition approached the Seattle City Council with a funding request. The goal was to 'jumpstart' development of a children's play space at Denny Park.


Many SLU community members wrote letters. They sent e-mails. They attended public hearings and offered their testimony in support of the play space initiative. They got on the phone to encourage friends and neighbors to become involved.


The City Council carefully considered the Denny Park project and responded with terrific, unanimous support - it appropriated $100,000 for capital construction cost of a children's play space in Denny Park.


The SLU Schools Coalition includes Morningside Academy, New Discovery School, Cascade Children's Corner, Spruce Street School, Hutch School and Hutch Kids. The Coalition's member schools thank the City Council for its enthusiastic support and look forward to more initiatives aimed at making South Lake Union, Denny Park, and SLU's other parks and public spaces as safe and kid-friendly as we can make them.

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