What's New in SLU?
What's New in SLU?
  October 1, 2008 

Swales Come to Yale: More Green Living at SLU

Four swales are coming to South Lake Union and no, a swale isn’t a form of marine life! A swale is a specially designed drainage ditch that helps remove pollution from storm water. Swales can be 10 to 20 feet wide and a few hundred feet long. They feature a gentle slope, and a flat bottom area with thick vegetation.

The goal of the four swales in the Cascade neighborhood of South Lake Union is to have cleaner water in the lake by removing pollution from storm water runoff from Capitol Hill before it reaches the lake. The project, which will begin in 2011, is one of Seattle Public Utilities’ “Signature Sustainability Projects” to improve water quality while creating a pedestrian-friendly space with a park-like feeling. Here’s what the swales will do:

  • Slow the flow of storm water
  • Filter and reduce pollution using soil and plants
  • Increase greenery
  • Make the neighborhood a better place to walk and play

The swales will be located on the east side of Yale Ave. between Republican St. and Thomas St. and the west side of Pontius Ave. between Republican St. and Thomas St. The project will also include new storm drains.


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Swales Come to Yale: More Green Living at SLU
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